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Working With Clients To Reach Their Financial Goals Since 2003

Inverlochy Capital has utilized a disciplined fundamental value approach to growing and preserving client assets since 2003. Diversification, independent research, and a long term focus have been the keys to our success. Inverlochy Capital is headquartered in Bobcaygeon, Ontario with clients in Canada and the United States. Our firm specializes in building balanced portfolios designed to assist our clients to reach their financial goals. Whether you’re an executive, professional or small business owner, we will not only help you build a financial plan that helps you achieve your financial goals we will also invest to protect your funds while providing an appropriate level of growth to meet your risk tolerance and return goals. Inverlochy Capital brings extensive experience and professionalism to each individual client and customizes your investment portfolio to meet your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice

Investment Management

We are – at our core – wealth managers. We manage your wealth to maximize your returns for a disclosed, fully transparent fee. To do this right, we manage your risk and diversify your portfolio.

We follow evidence-based investing practices, as it’s centered around benefitting from the market’s rate of return by constructing well-diversified portfolios that mirror an index.

This makes sure we can stay the course over the long run, weathering the highs and lows of the market to achieve results and grow our clients’ wealth.

A big advantage to this approach is that it keeps our fees low so your investment dollars go further than with other firms.

Financial Planning

Inverlochy Capital will help you retire on your schedule, provide for your loved ones, maintain your quality of life in retirement and leave the right legacy. Our planning process is made client friendly with easy-to-understand goals and strategies.

We combine your investment strategy with the other important aspects of your finances, and prepare a customized plan covering all parts of your finances: today’s priorities as well as retirement spending, minimizing taxes, and meeting your estate objectives.

Financial Consulting

Start-ups and small businesses require sound strategic and financial advice from from an operations and financial executive with deep experience. Inverlochy Capital has decades of management experience in the particulars of early stage to mature businesses. Our firm gives you a holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.


If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Inverlochy Capital employs an opportunistic approach to identifying potential investments.  First, we scour the global investment landscape for opportunities that appear to offer strong potential returns with a comfortable margin of safety.  We seek absolute returns for our clients over the long term, while minimizing investment risk. 

Our philosophy focuses us on securities that we believe trade at a substantial discount to their true intrinsic value.  The cheaper a security is relative to its intrinsic value, the greater the potential reward and the lower the risk.  By focusing on companies with sound balance sheets we increase the margin of safety for each of our investment choices.  This allows us time to be patient for the market to ‘discover’ the fundamental value of the securities that we have selected. 

Every security purchased is viewed as if we were buying a piece of a business, not just a stock or bond certificate.  We believe that this approach to investing allows for significant investment returns while reducing risk.

Using macro economic analysis to identify opportunities in various asset classes, primarily in North America, but with the ability to consider investments around the globe, we zero in on promising ideas.  After identifying favorable asset classes and geographies we begin a value driven bottoms-up investment process to find the best risk/reward to capitalize on the perceived opportunity. 

Based on the conviction of our analysis and the consideration of macro-economic factors, we will take significant positions in securities and we hold them for the long term.  Portfolios tend to be fairly concentrated, holding between 20 and 60 securities.  For new clients, it can take several months for an account to become fully invested depending again on macro-economic considerations and individual security opportunities.  Normally a fully invested portfolio will retain approximately 10% cash but we have no aversion to holding much higher levels of cash when valuations or macro-economic uncertainty warrants it.   A significant cash balance gives us the ability to take advantage of opportunities as they may present themselves in the future.

We believe that when investment managers have a substantial amount of their personal wealth tied up in their own investment recommendations, their interests are correctly aligned with those of their clients.



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